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 I’ve lived North Alabama all of my life And the people of Alabama and want to do my part in helping out any Small Business, Church Organization, School System, Hair Salon, Cup Cake Lady right down to the Snow – Ice Plowers and Landscapers. Give me a call and let me be apart helping your small business grow here in New Market, Alabama – Hazel Green,Alabama – Huntsville, Alabama

All New Market, Alabama – Hazel Green,Alabama – Huntsville, Alabama

Any Alabama Small Business

 Businesses and Organizations will get a Discount.


I will help you put your best foot forward online, by giving you the best. And to me that means a custom web design, created just for you… instead of ‘tweaking’ some template that hundreds or thousands of other websites are using. Your custom website will showcase your specific offerings and engage your ideal customers, so you can meet your long-term business goals faster.

During our Design Process, that means I’m going to take the extra time to understand your brand, your aesthetic preferences, your target demographic, and even your competition. And we’ll make revisions to our original designs, based on your feedback, to ensure that the final designs are exactly what you were looking for. We’ll translate your brand personality into a professional, modern, easy to navigate, conversion-focused custom website design


Did you know a properly built eCommerce website can actually help you market your products online?

I understand that an ideal eCommerce website does more than just show your products and give shoppers a way to purchase them online.
I can offer premium website design services for eCommerce online store websites. My sites are designed to attract new customers, deliver a satisfying shopping experience, and streamline the behind-the-scenes management of your online store.


Building your business through the web starts with professional website design. And with more than 80% of clicks happening on the first page of Google Search, a quality search engine marketing strategy should be a part of your website design process. That’s why I take an SEO-centric approach to every website we produce — starting with the website design (including navigation and content formatting).

SEO web design isn’t rocket science, but effective, long-term organic (unpaid) SEO requires a certain je ne sais quois. Luckily, I love geeking out about search engine optimization, so you can bet we’re keeping an eye on Google to make sure I’m up-to-date on all the latest and greatest. I know that SEO website design means more than just plain old keyword stuffing (including an excessive amount of keywords into website, like a city name, to improve SEO) and I understand where Google looks, what Google notices, and what Google likes.

So we design our websites just for that.


This is the administrative part of setting a website. Your Domain Name is your web address (example: the Domain Name of this site is That is the first step to having a website. Actually, it’s the second: you should research keywords first and choose a domain name that most closely resembles them. Then you need to register your name. I can help with that. By the way, it’s cheap: about

$12 to $20/year. You should register your domain for no shorter than five years.


So you’ve already got a website, but you’re wondering if it might be time for a website redesign?

Your website should represent your business in a positive, professional light. It should also engage site visitors, instill trust, and meet their needs quickly and easily.

Your website should represent your business in a positive, professional light. It should engage site visitors, instill trust, and meet their needs quickly and easily. I will focus on web and online marketing best practices — so I’ll modernize your brand personality into a professional, modern, easy to navigate, conversion-focused website design that is structured to build brand loyalty and illicit action (a phone call, a contact form submission, or a purchase).

DeSign Pages 

Fully Mobile Resonsive

E-mail accounts

Domain Registaration

24h support

Blog Page

Small Business Srarter


1xTime Fee

3-4 Pages




Custom Website


1xTime Fee

5-10 Pages


3 If Needed


E-Com Website


1xTime Fee

5-10 Pages


5 If Needed





1xTime Fee



SEO Spec



1xTime Fee





After many years of fine-tuning our offerings, I have developed a few web design packages to meet the needs of most businesses. While we have packaged the offerings for your convenience, I have also listed the line-item cost of each element so you may feel free to add on or take out services to ultimately develop the perfect website plan for your needs.

Take a look at the options below, and please contact us with any comments or questions you may have. And as soon as you’re ready to move forward with your site, just let us know. I look forward to working with you!


Completely Custom Website Design with Any Look You Desire

Professional Writer for Keyword-Rich Home Page Text

Content Management System (CMS) with Free Video Tutorials so You Can Edit Your Site Anytime

Interactive Contact Form to Go Straight to Email

Optional Additional Pages Only $90 Each and Can be Added at Anytime

Built to be Search Engine-Friendly

Manual Submission to Search Engines

Built to Function in any Major Browser on Computers and Mobile Devices

Hosting is only $20 Per Month

Add or Remove Features for Customized Plans & Pricing

E-Commerce and/or SEO/Marketing Plans are Available to Add On


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